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Address of Home in Foreclosure


Avoid Forced Eviction

After your home is auctioned off, it is only a matter of time before the new owner comes by with the local law enforcement agency to have you forcefully removed from the home even with your belongings still in the home. By selling your home before the date your lender scheduled your home to be auctioned off, you will avoid the headache of being forcefully removed from your home, and be able to keep the belongings you want to take with you as you move on from this home.

Decrease Stress and Anxiety

The uncertainty and unpredictability of what could happen when your home is auctioned off by your lender will take a toll on your mental health decreasing your hope for a better future of limitless possibilities. Selling your home before the date your lender scheduled your home to be auctioned off can help you avoid this stress and allow you to move forward with greater peace of mind.

Avoid Foreclosure

A foreclosure can remain on your credit history for up to 10 years and can significantly impact your credit score, making it difficult to be approved for future credit and loans. By selling your home fast before the date your lender scheduled your home to be auctioned off, you can avoid this negative impact on your credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds too good to be true. Is this a real thing?

This is a real thing. Every day in America, lenders who end up in a tight spot end up being saved from having foreclosure dings on their credit history because of what FMyLoan and its partners and or assignees do in purchasing these properties. At this point, what do you have to lose anyway? We are here to get you out of a crappy situation as quickly as possible so you can avoid the headache of what having a foreclosure ding on your record could do to you in terms of financial and job opportunities in the future.

How can I ensure the sale of my home will finalize?

Assuming a majority of the information you give us is as honest and accurate as possible, the finalizing of your home sale on, before, or around the scheduled date written on your purchase agreement will be completed.

How long will it take for my home sale to finalize?

The sale of your home will be finalized on, before, or around the 60th business day from the day you sign the purchase agreement. Or, if your home's scheduled auction date is before the 60th business day, the home sale will finalize before the scheduled auction date of your home.

What can I do to help speed up the process?

First and foremost, fill out and submit our information intake form. Then, give us a call, or shoot us a text asap. Whether or not you have all the information you need, the important thing is to get the process started right now to buy you and us more time to work with. Below is a list of things you should begin gathering to help the title company and us with what we need to do to have a smooth and successful close on your property. If you can’t find a few items listed, do not worry, it is not the end of the world.

Billing Statement

  • This is the paper billing statement you receive in the mail each month detailing how much of your loan you have paid, and how much you currently owe. It will also show how much you owe this month. If you don’t receive statements by mail, you’ll want to go into the online portal you have with your lender to download a PDF copy of your most recent billing statement.

Payoff Amount

  • This is information you can request from your lender by phone. Ask for the total payoff amount on your loan that is good for 30 days. Some lenders only do payoff amounts good for two weeks. If your lender can’t issue a payoff amount good for 30 days, ask them the longest time they can make a payoff amount good for. Request that they send this information to you via email. 

Amount Needed to Get the Loan Current

  • This is information you can request from your lender by phone. Have them email a PDF document to you containing this information. If we need it faster than that, ask that you have them fax it to a number we will provide for you.

Warranty Deed (Deed of Trust)

  • Typically, the Warranty Deed (Deed of Trust) will look almost identical to the sample we have provided for you. It typically consists of 11 pages with the final page being a signature page.

Click here to view a sample of the Deed of Trust

Original Debt Note

  • Typically, the Original Debt Note (Adjustable Rate Mortgage Note) (Fixed Rate Mortgage Note) will look almost identical to the sample we provided. It typically consists of six pages, with the final page being a signature page.

Click here to view a sample of the Original Debt Note


Why should I sell to you instead of trying to list it with a licensed real estate brokerage?

You do NOT have the time to waste waiting on licensed realtors / licensed real estate agents / real estate brokerages to get your property sold to someone in time to pay off this entire debt. Also, the brokerage has to wait on potential buyers to be notified whether they are approved for a loan to purchase properties. Licensed realtors who claim they have cash buyers are lying 99% of the time because most of those quote-on-quote cash buyers are just ordinary people who are paying in cash with the loans they get approved for, which is usually a 90-day process that is not guaranteed. With FMyLoan, the process is much quicker, and we are not your typical buyer. We want those we completed to be done last week when we do things. We are not a listing service that lists properties online like online licensed real estate brokerages or licensed real estate companies that operate offline. In plain English, if you try to do anything with a licensed realtor / licensed real estate agent / real estate brokerage, you will get screwed big time. Especially in this situation you are in. You cannot afford to waste time with those people.

How do I know this isn’t some licensed realtor brokerage trying to scam me?

Here at FMyLoan, we don’t like licensed realtors / licensed real estate agents / real estate brokerages. We believe, and though the experience of many of our clients, know that, for the most part, they don’t care about you. They are no different than typical big bank lenders or politicians. So why should we care about them? We don’t. And, we do not work with or associate with licensed whatever when it comes to real estate to protect you and us at FMyLoan.

Is FMyLoan an American Company?

YES. FMyLoan was created in the state of Arizona by Americans. Here at FMyLoan, we value what it means to be an American-made company. And no, we are not owned by some foreign entity. We don’t believe any foreign entity should own any properties in the United States of America. 

Professional Service

Expect professional one-on-one help from an experienced FMyLoan representative. Your FMyLoan representative will work with you every step of the way to make sure you understand the process. Think of us as your friend at the moment. Just be yourself and speak your mind.

Get a Fresh Start

By eliminating your mortgage entirely through the sale of your home before the date your lender scheduled your home to be auctioned off, you will eliminate being contacted by mortgage debt collectors and have more of your hard earned cash available for necessities and future investments. Whether you are in pre foreclosure, or you just want to ditch your loan all together, eliminating this debt from your life can provide you with a fresh start you’ve been looking for.