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Facing Pre-Foreclosure

You Are In Pre-Foreclosure

You have received a 90-day notice of your property and mortgage being in pre-foreclosure with a scheduled auction date. In essence, your lender said in this notice that if you do not pay up everything you owe in full or the entire balance amount you have left, they will auction off your property through the county. Here is the other negative to this, once you receive this notice, that’s another ding on your credit history that will prevent you from having positive financial loan opportunities in the future. The lenders and banks don’t care about you or your credit history. They’re in it for themselves. So why go through all of this? Selling your home now to FMyLoan will give them a big middle finger and give you the freedom and peace of mind necessary to have a fresh start. It will be hard at first, but rest assured, you will thank us later. 

Forced Eviction

Did you know that once your property is auctioned off by the county on behalf of your lender, the buyer can have you forcefully evicted with the legal aid of local law enforcement? Yes, it is true. But, the other thing is, depending on who purchases your home at auction, you might not be able to recover your belongings, which puts you at a loss for more than a stupid debt note. So, ask yourself this question; would you rather be forcefully evicted from your home because you couldn’t pay the amount necessary to continue living in your home, or would you rather take action now, sell that freaking house, and come out on the winning side with more time to gather your things and look for a new place to live?


It’s been said many times by many people that you are not successful in life until you are living the American dream by having that steady job with steady pay, a savings plan, and a home, even if you have to purchase a home with a loan. That is far from the truth. Do you know who indoctrinated everyone with that nonsense? The freakin banks, politicians, and licensed realtors. They want people to get loans because they know that when borrowers’ circumstances get tight, they start making the big bucks. Again, it’s not about you, it’s more about them, and you are their precious commodity. The more desperate you become, the more excited they get because they know they can scam more out of you. Let’s be honest: if you are behind on your loan to the point of pre-foreclosure and an eventual auction leading to eviction, that is far from success. So, F those banks, politicians, and that loan of yours. You don’t need them or that stupid loan in your life. Renting is far cheaper than owning a home with a loan. By selling your home, you will relieve yourself of the burden of having this loan looming over the head of you or your family. When you sell your home to FMyLoan,  freeing yourself of this burden and saving your credit history, you will be a renter at a different place. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, tell you you are unsuccessful because you are a renter. You will become far better off than most American borrowers who choose to do nothing and lose everything.

Your Credit History

Your credit history and the score must be safeguarded and protected at all costs. Being in pre-foreclosure is not helping to keep those two things clean. And, when this property is auctioned off, you will have a foreclosure label on your credit history for up to seven years, ultimately preventing you from obtaining approval for any home, auto, personal loans, or credit cards for the next ten years. So ask yourself this question, is it better for you to try and do everything you can to keep yourself in your home for the sake of status and the short-term embarrassment you might experience from those close to or around you? Or is it better for you to take advantage of the situation and sell this house quickly to FMyLoan so you can one-up all of these people in the future, showing how you got yourself out of a bad situation for the better? Now look, the 30/60/90-day late dings won’t be removed from your credit history after you sell your home. A pre-foreclosure ding won’t be removed from your credit history after you sell your home. But you can be assured that you will not have a foreclosure ding on your credit history after selling your home. The other stuff doesn’t stay on your report for that long. But a foreclosure ding stays on for almost an entire decade. You have to realize that you have unlimited potential, but holding onto stupid loans like this isn’t going to help you maximize your unlimited potential. F the people who may judge you for being in a pre-foreclosure situation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in this moment of opportunity to have a fresh start. All you need to say in your mind is F My Loan. Say it. 

Your Credit Score

If the principal balance on what you owe is low enough, the interest rate on your loan is low enough, and your loan is a fixed rate loan, we may decide to assume your entire debt in a subject-to format. In essence, when we purchase the property from you, we will pay the amount you are behind on to get the loan current, and continue paying the loan every month after that. This route is a nice route because every month we pay the monthly amount owed, we actually help you improve your credit scores without you having to do anything. That means, within the next year or two, you may be eligible to qualify for loans once again to make big purchases.

I Don’t Want to Lose My Home

You might be surprised that your home was never your property in the first place. It belonged to the people you were paying a monthly mortgage premium to. The only way any property could be truly yours is if you didn’t have anything to pay for. Paid off is the key phrase. Look, nobody wants to lose their home or any property for the matter to a foreclosure auction. But it happens. You aren’t the only one. There are two types of people in this situation. Winners and losers. Losers will do everything they can to try to stay in the home with some kind of creative financing, only to be screwed in the near future and then told they have to move out. Then you have those that do absolutely nothing and lose everything. Those are the losers in this situation. The winners take advantage of the time they have and sell that house asap to someone like FMyLoan, who will take care of the rest of the loan and or assume the debt through the sale of your home to FMyLoan and or its partners and or assignees. These people learn from this situation and start thinking more about the long road ahead and how they’re going to use this home sale opportunity to set themselves up for financial success in the future through the right knowledge. No bull crap public school or college knowledge. The better knowledge. If you would like to be pointed in the right direction of good sources for financial knowledge, send a message to info@fmyloan.com with the word “Financial Knowledge” in the subject heading. You know what? F your lender, F your loan, and F anybody who tries to label you as a failure. The real failures are the naysayers around you. Be a winner. Hit the GET STARTED button now to start hammering out this thing now. The sooner, the better. You can beat this, but you have to be the one to take that step now.